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"Chill-out music, deep house, electropop. 

Techhouse it is now"

- Nathan Drohm, multi-instrumentalist/dj/producer/gearfreak

"I love melancholy. But it doesn't mean I'm a melancholic person"

- Liesbet, singer/composer/director

Getting their inspiration from the places where they perform, this duo is constantly shifting sound and space but always stay true to their initial sound: warm and danceable tracks with eighties inspired vocals and bits of saxophone. Connecting pop music and techno through technique, taste and improvisation. Loop Alley is a creative whirlwind that can’t be pigeonholed. The musicians duo Liesbet van Geert and Nathan Drohm bounded their powers in 2011 by improvising each track with only a deep house beat to start with adding synths, bass, guitar, saxophone and vocals. Now 7 years later the duo is still going strong but this time without dragging all their gear and instruments. Light weighted but still heavy on sounds.